In addition to emergency support, we install and maintain the following products:
    • FURNACES: high efficiency gas, propane, oil and wood
    • OIL TANKS: specialty tanks-fiberglass and double wall plastic.
    • WATER HEATERS: on-demand,/tankless, power vent, indirect and conventional, gas, propane and oil -- RENTAL GAS/PROPANE WATER HEATERS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE.
    • BOILERS: gas, oil, propane and wood
    • FIREPLACES: inserts and zero clearance, gas and propane.
    • STOVES: free standing gas, oil and propane.
    • COMBINATION APPLIANCES: oil/wood, oil/wood/electric, wood/electric, various add-ons
    • VENTING SYSTEMS: chimneys, stainless steel liners, aluminum liners, power vents, sidewall vents, direct vents
    • HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATORS: (HRV) new construction and retrofits
    • AIR CONDITIONERS: central air and ductless splits 
    • ROOF TOP UNITS:  gas/propane/air conditioning

We also conduct Certified Comprehensive Inspections and WETT Inspections.