Riello Burners

40-Series F3 - F20
On-Off • 0.5 - 6.4 GPH


Quality engineered to our proven world-class standard, Riello 40-Series oil-fired burners are built for maximum uptime. Riello 40-Series high-efficiency oil burners not only deliver low energy consumption and quiet, worry-free performance, they’re the most reliable combustion technology on the market.

And Riello 40-Series oil burners offer a host of advanced features - such as durable, lightweight, compact construction; an integrated electronic control box with interrupted ignition; available with or without an automatic air shutter that eliminates heat loss and enhances efficiency.

Easy to install and service, and backed by coast-to-coast support, Riello 40-Series oil-fired burners are available in seven models with firing rates from 0.5 to 6.4 US gph to handle a complete range of residential and light-commercial/industrial applications.


A81/2" (215mm)93/16" (233mm)105/16" (262mm)113/4" (298mm)113/4" (298mm)
B915/16" (252mm)1011/16" (272mm)12" (305mm)133/4" (350mm)133/4" (350mm)
C61/2" (164mm)71/16" (180mm)81/16" (204mm)91/16" (230mm)91/16" (230mm)
D31/2" (89mm)31/2" (89mm)41/8" (105mm)411/16" (119mm)411/16" (119mm)
E*VSBT51/2" (140mm)51/2" (140mm)N/AN/AN/A
SBT8" (203mm) 8" (203mm) 7" (178mm) 7" (178mm) 7" (178mm)
LBT12" (305mm) 12" (305mm) 12" (305mm) 12" (305mm) 12" (305mm)
OEM (Custom) Other combustion head lengths available on request
F71/4" (184mm) 713/16" (199mm)811/16" (221mm) 10" (254mm) 10" (254mm)
*Usable tube length will be reduced by as much as 15/8" depending on flange selected.

Technical Data

GPH0.50 - 0.950.75 - 1.651.45 - 2.952.55 - 5.753.50 - 6.40
Btuh x 1,00070 - 133105 - 231203 - 413357 - 805490 - 896
kW/hr20 - 39 30 - 6759 - 121104 - 236143 - 263
Usable Heating OilNo heavier than Number 2 (Optional pump required for kerosene)
Motor Ratings120v 60Hz 3250rpm
Pump Pressure-Range120 - 200 psi
40-Series oil burners are UL and CSA approved.